Tips to Eliminate Trees from Your Property Safely 

There are a lot of things that you must consider if you plan to eliminate a tree within your premises. These must be thought about if you want to have a successful and safe tree job. Tree removal can surely be a challenging and demanding thing to complete, which needs a lot of experience and skill. Otherwise, it can immediately go downhill, especially when it is not properly done. Here are the things you should know if you want to prevent a DIY disaster to take place. 


After you finally had your tree cut, you’ll still get a stump left within the ground that you need to manage. If you choose to just leave the stump in the ground for a long time, it’ll potentially become a tripping hazard and attract pests. So, it would be best have it done by expert arborists and not just tree lopping Mackay provider to know what course of action must be done to remove your stump and decide what you want to make out of it.  

Presence off active wildlife in trees 

If your tree is currently protecting active wildlife within, then you can’t get your tree removed unless such animals will move on. In other areas, harming native animals during an illegal procedure of tree removal can make you prosecuted and asked for hefty fines. Thus, it would be great to get your tree inspected for any presence of animals. Make sure to leave this duty to a certified arborist before you push through this tree job. 

The proximity of trees to the building 

The proximity of your trees to your fence, shed, garage, home, and neighboring structures and houses must be taken into consideration if you plan to take down a tree. When the tree is improperly cut, it can possibly fall into an angle that you’ve bever anticipated that can result in extreme damage for which you’ll be responsible when you’ll be using a DIY approach. 

The type of tree 

Knowing the type of tree that you’re planning to remove is crucial for you to gauge the sturdiness of that wood—when a tree is a hardwood, it would be very challenging to chip and cut. Moreover, the tree size must be taken into consideration since it can potentially lead to a big mess after all that you will have to take away and clean up from your premises. When it is a nice timber, you can choose to have its wood milled and then transform it into furniture or slabs. 

The condition of the tree 

It’s vital to determine the total condition of your tree before you do any tree work. Is your tree structurally fine? Is it dying or sick? Is there any present infestation or disease? All of these things will help you know whether your tree is safe, the best course of the removal procedure to do and whether there are any weak points. If you are not sure at all, get your tree inspected out by a tree expert who can examine and give professional points about the ways to safely remove. 

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