We use Judith Jackson products at the Adirondack Tumble Inn B&B in Schroon Lake, NY
Our smoke free rooms offer a comfortable, private sanctuary and allow you the opportunity to unplug from technology should you desire. There are no phones or TVs in the bedrooms, but we provide a wireless internet connection should you need to keep in touch with the modern world. You can be sensually refreshed, revived and soothed. All our bedrooms have air conditioning, alarm clocks, an upholstered chair and a period wood chair, original dressers, hairdryers and ample closet space. Judith Jackson soaps, shampoo, conditioner, hand cream and loofas are supplied. We clean with Shaklee Products, which are environmentally sound. Our rooms are perfectly tidy and fresh and you can relax with the simple pleasure of knowing your sheets, towels and pillows are crisp and clean. There is a fresh sheet over the blanket for added hygiene. We are an eco-friendly inn, as we recycle and compost.