All You Need to Know in Dethatching 

To keep your lawn healthy, you need to remove unwanted and dead turfgrass. That is why you need dethatching. This is the mechanical removal of thatch to keep the water and nutrients seeping to grassroots. Thatch is the layer of dead turfgrass in your lawn and when not removes, it will build up in your lawn, disturbing its healthy growth. This is one of the other lawns cares you should not overlook. Regular dethatching will have long term effects on the grass of your lawn. That is why it is important. What are the other things that we should know about dethatching?   

You should know how it is properly done. Dethatching can be done in two ways, depending on the severity of the thatches. When you only have manageable thatches in your law, you can just use a rake to do a dethatching proper. You just need to push the rake roughly deep down. You can use a convex or dethatching rake to do this better instead of using a regular rake. This power rake is available in renting centers. Anyway, it does not matter because what matters is the manner of raking it to remove the thatches. The other solution is core aeration. This is resorted to when the thatches are too many and uncontrollable. When you chose to aerate your soil, you can either hire the professionals or a lawn mowing services in Wollongong, rent a core aerator or but it. Usually, homeowners prefer to hire lawn service to do the job to save expenses and effort since resorting to aerating your soil comes only once a year. Your lawn might need core aeration when the soils under the grass are not healthy anymore and mosses are growing too that makes your lawn dangerous, especially to your kids. The compacted soil blocks the oxygen, water, and nutrients flow, creating thick layers of thatch. Whether your rake or aerate the soil to get rid of the thatch, it is really up to you. But we recommend you save yourself and give the job to professionals for desirable results.   

The best time for dethatching your lawn depends on the season. It is whether your grass has grown on a cool-season or a warm-season. When your grass is growing on a cool-season, you should do the dethatching in early spring or fall because this is their prime time for growth. This means that when you remove the thatches, the grasses can easily recover. When your grass grows in warm seasons, dethatch during late spring.  

Dethatching is a must be ideally done once or twice a year but if you want to maintain the health of your grasses, you can regularly rake your lawn to prevent thick thatches. When it comes to the materials, buying would be great if you the budget and if you have a large lawn to maintain. However, if your lawn has only a small area, then there is no need to get the professionals, better rent or hire lawn service to save time and cost.   


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